Help us expand the Cuticle Database

Please contact us if you have material that can be included in the Cuticle Database, especially if these are vouchered herbarium specimens or fully curated fossils. After review of the material for appropriateness, we will upload the images and metadata, including your name as Contributor.

If you contribute images from more than 50 species, your name will also be included as a co-contributor in the official Cuticle Database citation. By contributing material, you give permission for your name to be used in connection with your contribution and for your contribution to be used in the Cuticle Database under the conditions described in the Terms and Conditions, which the Project Coordinators of the Cuticle Database may modify from time to time. You also represent that you have all rights necessary to contribute materials to the Cuticle Database for the uses described.

Please contact Richard Barclay to discuss contributing material, or with suggestions on how to improve future versions of the Cuticle Database.

Have you published material from the Cuticle Database?

Please send reference information or a reprint of your publication to the Project Coordinators. We would like to list the publications that have directly utilized the content of the Cuticle Database. Thanks in advance!