Lauraceae Ocotea pauciflora

Original Designation: Lauraceae Ocotea pauciflora

Family Lauraceae
Genus Ocotea
Species pauciflora
Author (Nees) Mez
Family (original designation) Lauraceae
Genus (original designation) Ocotea
Plant organ Leaf
Diagnostic features
Herbarium Field Museum of Natural History (F)
Herbarium specimen number
Contributor Florida/Dilcher
Contributor specimen number 00200
Removed from herbarium by
Collector Krukoff, B.A.
Collector specimen number
Collector locality number 05184
State or province
Elevation (in meters) None
Locality details
Local ecology
Plant/habitat description
Map datum
Approved by Richard Barclay
Approval date Dec. 1, 2011
Left side – upper cuticle; right side – lower cuticle
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